Tuesday, September 19, 2006


My wife's friend Deborah and her husband live right across our house, I can actually see their bathroom window from my living room. There she was yesterday cleaning the glass window not knowing that the friendly neighbor is a big time voyeur. There's just something about watching someone when the other does not know about it. I had to spank the monkey and I only had a minute or so cause she was quick. I recall quite a scene in that bathroom. It was her birthday so she and her husband, a good friend of mine invited us over for a party. We had a couple of drinks and a few lines of cocaine. You're not allowed to smoke in the house so the wives (smokers) spent most of the time in the bathroom by the famous voyeur window. My wife's cousin Nicole (remember her?) was also at the party. I'm a Leo so I do like to showoff sometimes and all the coke I had made me feel like I was the only man at the party and all the females were mine like in the jungle where lion's the king. So at one point I end up in the bathroom trying to take a piss and there I find Deborah and Nicole. So I'm like "I need to pee, girls" already reaching for my zipper and Deborah says: "Sure, go ahead, we know you always wanted to do it with us watching". I was shocked but instantly replied "Is that so obvious?". I still don't know if they were just joking or they understood what I'm all about. It felt as if they totally knew what I was thinking, after all they're both my favorite fantasies. Is it all just in my head again?

Friday, September 15, 2006

Just a dream

I woke up today feeling dazed. Every time I dream of being intimate with a woman I wake up feeling in love with her and she's on my mind the whole day. I love this feeling, makes me feel alive, also makes me realize how little passion there is in my everyday life. It's interesting how every time I have this kind of dreams I always meet the woman who was in it right the next day. Always. It's as if I attract them through my dreams. Tonight it was my wife's sister. It was perfect, it wasn't just sex, it was perfect harmony, we understood each other perfectly, the dream was so real, although there was a constant presence of fear, fear of getting caught, after all she is my wife's sister. She's a true beauty, she's hot too but not in a sluty kind of way. She's a kind of girl you'd want to be with or marry. She's often in my fantasies though.

Wednesday, September 13, 2006


To pick up where I left off. My wife's cousin Nicole has to be my favorite. There's something so sexy about her I don't even know what it is. I don't really like her as a person, she's lazy, often depressed, always feeling sorry for herself but there's just something about here. She used to be much happier and outgoing when she was single. Now she's in a relationship and seems even more depressed. I still find her hot though. I love flirting with her, I imagine she is very curious sexually or maybe it's just all in my head, I still like to think that way. That's the beauty of fantasizing. There were so many situations where I just wanted to touch her or kiss her. One time the three of us, my wife, Nicole and I went swimming in a creek close to a town where we live. They were both topless. A dream come true for a guy like me. We were all there for a while and then Nicole went sunbathing behind a rock. I was so horny that day. My wife was just lying there on a towel and I told her I was going for a walk. I actualy wanted to see Nicole. There was a path through the bushes leading to a spot where I could see Nicole clearly. When I got there she was looking right in my direction. At least I thought so. I just ran out of there thinking what if she saw me. Later that day I went to a concert, got really drunk and accidently met Nicole in a bar. She was pretty drunk as well. Anyway, I told her what my intentions were at the creeck and she just laughed about it. Then I spilled my guts out and asked her if she would have sex with me and my wife knowing my wife would never agree to that. She said she was up for it and I started touching her. Man, we were really drunk. Then, this other guy started talking to her and suddenly I realized what I was doing and just left the place. The next day my wife told me she heard I was pretty drunk last night. Nicole never said anything about what had happened. Is she a cool chick or what. Every time I look at her she knows I'm having dirty thoughts.

Monday, September 11, 2006

When did you start farting?

How long did it take you to relax and start farting in front of your wife or girlfriend? It took me 6 years of being in a relationship (on and off) and only a year of marriage. My point I guess is, when you get married it's all settled, you don't have to pretend anymore, she bought the product and there's no moneyback guarantee. It's too late now, she can't say "Oh my God, I didn't know this thing farts". The funniest thing to me is my wife's face when I rip one off. She's shocked as if I've never done it before. Makes me laugh even more. Not having to try so hard anymore probably reflects on our sex life as well. I guess deep down all men are conquerors so when we conquer one thing, be it a female, territory or position (status) we move on. A lot like animal kingdom, wouldn't you say? When you can't conquer you fantasize about it, right? Most of my fantasies revolve around women that are constantly close by. The top 5 would have to be my wife's sister Jane, my mother in law, my wife's cousin Nicole, her best friends Deborah and Denise. Wife's back. Gotta run.

Sunday, September 03, 2006

Why me?

A few funny things happened since I started this blog. One of them is my boss coming out of the closet. I've been working at his firm for almost 4 years now. He came back from his vacation a few days ago telling me how he saw these two beautiful guys on a boat party while walking along the shore. I always thought he was gay but I couldn't be sure. He would sometimes pinch me on the butt walking through the office but I just thought "Hey, I guess that's a guy thing, I mean that's what guys do!", although I don't do it to any of my friends. And he's my boss so I had to keep my mouth shut. So out of all people he decides to tell me immediately warning me not to spread the word. I've always been open minded but I'm not sure I'm glad he decided to let ME in on it. I mean, do I give out signals I'm not aware of? Do I look like I play both sides? I certainly hope not. Must be hard for him pretending his whole life to be something that he's not. I might be the first person he ever told about this. Still I'm not to happy about that. I could use it to my advantage though. I'll be like "Hey, I hope my next paycheck will make me happy or I might just blurb out something!". Next scene: me leaving through the front door sounding like Dr. Evil, BOOHAAAHAAA, BOOHAAAAHAAAA, MOOHAAHAAHAAAHAAAAAHAAAA!!!

Saturday, September 02, 2006

Back to childhood

I just remembered I could share another story from past, just to round of my profile so I can get to the present situation. I was very young, maybe 9 when I discovered I love pantyhose. Back then I didn't understand why, right now I now it was fetish. I remember being home alone and going through my mothers drawers looking for some pantyhose to put on. I just loved the feeling of nylon on my cock. I'd also enjoy watching myself in the mirror while wearing them. My desire to put them on was so strong sometimes I'd do it while my parents were at home. Of course I got caught one time. I put a white pair on which my mother never wore and I had a special hiding place for. I remember my parents shouting at me not to do it ever again. I can imagine what they were thinking, "Oh my God, our son is gay!" or "Perhaps our son has a split personality". Nope, it was just a fetish. I even remember thinking that when I grow up and start living alone I'll be wearing them all the time. That of course is not the case, I just don't enjoy it anymore. Stockings and pantyhose are still a huge fetish though. I still make my wife wear them just to turn me on.
There you have it, another blast from the past. Later!

Thursday, August 31, 2006

School days

I don't know if this goes for all men but when I was back in school I really dug older women. As for now it's totally opposite, the younger the better! Anyway, where do you spend most of your time when you're a kid? That's right, school! Daydreaming behind the school desk I had those teachers everywhere, the bathroom, the map room, the classroom, the school kitchen, everywhere man. We had this teacher, she was probably around 26 then and boy, she was hot! Most of the time she wore black tight skirts, black high heel shoes and black stockings. When you're 12 a teacher like that is a dream come true. All the guys in the class would flirt so openly with her and she was always just laughing and probably enjoying the fact that she was everybody's wet dream. She didn't even mind when we'd crawl down underneath the tables to watch her beautiful crossed legs. And then of course were the girls in our class. There was about 5 or 6 of them that got all the attention. They were the ones that got into all the grabbing and rape-like situations. Man, when we got them we were all over the place and this was happening at least 4-5 times a day, the hormones were raging big time! One of them happened to be my first love a few years later. Not just my first big love but also my first French kiss and I lost my virginity with her. Yap, those were the days. Gotta run. Later!